sewer drain water jetter,5000psi,25lpm,camera combo


Product Description

double-reel-jetta-combo with camera40mm camera picdouble reel jettamini hose reel 60m


Plumbers,Vanguard or Honda Stainless steel frame sewer jetter,40mm self levelling head camera set,60m x 1/4″ mini reel,5000psi,25lpm,50m x 3/8″ 5000psi main sewer hose,nozzles,5000psi gun and 1 m tiger tail,15m whip hose x 1/8″


60m x 1/4″ mini reel

316 Marine Grade Stainless steel frame

25 litre/min flow

5000 psi rated max pressure

50m x 3/8″ main hose – 5000psi h.p hose

Vanguard 23hp or Honda 630 v twin motor – unleaded – air cooled

Brass forged head pump with gearbox reduction at 2:1 – allowing the motor to run at lower revs

36 m full flow heavy duty 3/4″ filler fire hose and reel,

Full flow 3/4″ water inlet valve

Stainless steel  water tank Р48 litre

Stainless steel  fuel tank Р25 litre

316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Frame

Battery isolator switch

Heavy duty battery

Key start

Water by-pass valve – back to tank

Low level water safety switch

Low level oil switch

1 metre long Tiger Tail hose protector



40mm self levelling head

512 hz inbuilt transmitter – locate the position of the head with your locator

Head size – 40 mm x 76 mm

View angle – 120 deg

Sapphire glass

Adjustable led lights – 42 white light leds,

Power supply – 12v dc


Stainless steel frame

Inbuilt metre counter

Size – 450 x 550 x 260

7 mm dia fibreglass push cable

Cable length – 60 metres,


9″ Lcd digital colour screen

Recording control box with time and date display, snap photo and video record, audio record,8g sd card and reader (32g max),battery level display,dvr pixels 720 x 576

Heavy duty battery – 12v – 12 a/h – 260 min working time

Battery charger

Keyboard – on screen display,

Cable distance metre counter – on screen display

Solid camera skids x 3 sizes

Heavy duty case



1 x Turbo Head Nozzle – ceramic disk rotating jet spray

( A powerful rotating ceramic disk nozzle designed to supply plenty of cleaning power )

1 x Penetrating Nozzle with collar – 1 x forward jet and 3 large rear jets

( A general purpose penetrating nozzle designed for use on all types of blockages )

1 x rotating head nozzle

( Designed to rotate and clean the side walls of the pipe, perfect for grease blockages )

1 x Negotiating Nozzle with collar-1 forward jet and 6 rear jets

( A general purpose nozzle designed to negotiate around tight bends and gully traps)

1 x Bullet Head Nozzle – 1 x forward jet and 6 rear jets

( Designed to penetrate into thick root blockages )

1 x Negotiating Bullet Head Nozzle – 1 x forward jet and 4 rear jets

( Designed to negotiate tight bends and gully traps and penetrate into thick root blockages )

1 x 6 rear jet penetrating bullet nozzle

( 6 rear jets, 3 designed for thrust and 3 designed for clearing blockages, also with a forward penetrating jet for clearing blockages)

5000 psi Pressure hand gun and lance

5 piece 3/8″ nozzle set

15m x 1/8″ whip hose and nozzle