Vangaurd or Honda sewer drain water jetter,5000psi,25lpm,60m1/4″main hose,3/4″ fill,nozzles,


Product Description






Plumbers,Vanguard sewer jetter,5000psi,25lpm,60m x 1/4″ 5000psi main sewer hose,nozzles,5000psi gun and 1 m tiger tail


25 litre/min flow

5000 psi rated max pressure –

60 m x 1/4″” main hose – 5000psi h.p hose

Vanguard 23hp or Honda 630 v twin motor – unleaded – air cooled

Brass forged head pump with gearbox reduction at 2:1 – allowing the motor to run at lower revs

36 m  heavy duty 3/4″ filler fire hose and reel,

Stainless steel 304 water tank –

Stainless steel 304 fuel tank – 25 litre

Hot dipped gal frame

Battery isolator switch

Heavy duty battery

Key start

Water by-pass valve – back to tank

Low level water safety switch

Low level oil switch

1 metre long Tiger Tail hose protector

3/4″ filler hose and reel x 36m

1 x 1/4″ nozzle set



5000 psi

20″ lance